Chambers & Partners: Litigation 2024 – Exclusive contributor


Our Firm was selected for another consecutive year by Chambers & Partners to contribute to the Chambers ‘Litigation 2024’ Global Practice Guide, with an exclusive chapter for Greece.  In the Chapter our team shares our litigation expertise and provides the latest legal information on lawsuits, pre-trial proceedings, injunctive relief, hearings, settlement, damages and judgments, appeals, costs, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including arbitration. Chambers Global Practice Guides provide the in-house community with expert legal commentary on the wide range of practice areas within different legal systems worldwide. Each guide focuses on the practical legal issues affecting business and enable the reader to compare legislation and procedure across a large spectrum of jurisdictions. 

For the PDF version of our chapter on the Chambers ‘Litigation 2024’ Global Practice Guide authored by our members Vassilios Moussas, Charalampos Kondis, Christina Grigoriadou and Konstantina Margariti please click here.

To access the full online version of the guide please click here